Leading Continuous Improvement 101

About the Program

Leading Continuous Improvement 101 is an introduction to key factors for up and coming and experienced leaders, who are seeking growth opportunities to lead and empower continuously adapting and improving teams.

McKinsey Global Institute ”Performance through people” report 2023 identified that companies gain a competitive edge with a dual focus on people and performance. And yet many leaders and organisations struggle with the paradoxes which the need for change brings.

This program does NOT provide a change management framework or workshop templates. 

Instead it DOES provide insight and awareness into the enablers, many of which are invisible (often referred to as below the line) which, when mastered, move struggling initiatives to becoming highly effective ones.

How would it feel to have a clearer perspective on what you can do to become a better version of yourself and give yourself a leg up in your career, and become an even better leader in positive change.

Participants will leave this program:

The Learning Path

The program is run in a collaborative environment, with opportunities to grow and network, complemented with some exploration, reflection and preparation between sessions.

The program delivery structure:

Session 1: Leadership Overview
What actually is leadership and its relationship with Continuous Improvement

Session 2: Purpose and Meaning
Building connection to who we are, what we do and why, and how connection supports change

Session 3: Structure
How structure helps us and can also hinder us; enabling development with an effective structure

Session 4: Inner Development
Understanding and nurturing ourselves and empowering authentic, motivated, trusting, collaborative and successful teams

Session 5: Enabling Continuous Improvement
Leveraging learnings and additional concepts to empower and enable the shift from intent to action

Session 6: Integration
Participants will leave this session with a holistic view of continuous improvement, complemented with a personal plan for growth and development.

Who is this for?

Managers and leaders committed to cultivating their own capacity to inspire and enable their teams to achieve exceptional performance.

Participants include:

Program Dates and Times

Dates: 6 sessions, weekly from 

The program will run as 2 hour online sessions.

All sessions will be at 8:00am - 10:00 AEDT (Melbourne/Sydney time)

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