We are all unique and made even more so with every experience, every win and every fall. This extends to all levels in teams, departments, shops and factories. I consider this a critical consideration and therefore tailor everything to the client's situation and need. 

The services below are inspired by reflection on and learning from years of diverse experience as an aircraft engineer, barman, software engineer, team leader, Toastmaster, project manager, agile coach, consultant, and coach.

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Training and Personal Growth Programs

Enabling Responsibility

Responsibility holds a central meaning for us all, embodying a sense of ownership and empowerment. It encompasses the commitment to take charge of our decisions, actions, and commitments. This ownership enables us to positively navigate challenges and seize opportunities, leading to more positive outcomes in many aspects of life.

In a professional setting, assuming responsibility fosters constructive debate, reduces conflicts, and cultivates a culture of collaboration. This collaborative environment, in turn, paves the way for mutual growth and satisfaction among team members... and better outcomes for all.

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Leading Continuous Improvement 101

Leadership at its best enables people to improve, learn and grow, ideally within supportive team environments.

Employees supported in effective ways become better at what they do, increase their motivation and are able to effectively help their colleagues on their journey too.

The Leading Continuous Improvement 101 program provides fresh insight for leaders to create an environment where continuous improvement is welcomes and engaging.

Sustainable Shift - Inspiring Transformational Leadership

Sustainable Shift is a multi-faceted leadership program for all leaders in operational or functional roles, who are currently, or planning to, contribute towards ESG initiatives and projects.

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Enabling Sustainability Action in the Workplace

Enabling a sustainability and environmentally conscious culture where employees are aligned, motivated and feel empowered to collaboratively work towards common goals.

Research has shown 98% of sustainability initiatives fail, and much of that is due to challenges in comprehension, overwhelm and difficulty collaborating in a new complex domain.

Customised programs designed on proven outcomes of a research program, which demonstrably helped employees overcome mental obstacles, provide opportunities for action while also delivering other benefits such as employee growth, satisfaction and belonging.

These programs unlock capabilities and passions (as per the Inner Development Goals). Participants have become demonstrably better collaborators, problem solvers and leaders of positive change.

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Moving environment conscious intent into action

Coaching and Facilitation

1-on-1 Coaching

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." Barack Obama 

We can all become stuck at times, perhaps overwhelmed or frustrated. A little guided self reflection can go a long way to unlocking our potential and becoming more satisfied in what we are achieving.

I assist leaders in personal development, clarifying and achieving goals, developing a growth mindset, and navigating challenges and disagreements with a positive outlook.

If experiencing conflict, I can help you work through it, determining constructive ways forward. 

Becoming better versions of ourselves

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Team Coaching

An adaptable organisational culture puts people at the centre, and engages and empowers everyone.

Coaching and support for teams, including:

Unlocking the untapped potential of a team

Workshop Facilitation

Examples of bespoke workshops, designed specifically for each client's needs:

Improving Collaboration

Conflict Management and Alignment Building

Creating Constructive Environments

While conflict in the workplace can serve as a catalyst for growth and innovation within a psychologically safe environment, it often carries negative consequences when left unaddressed. 

Many workplace frustrations and tensions stem from a lack of alignment in expectations. 

Implementing effective conflict management strategies, such as alignment building workshops and one-on-one coaching, provide a structured platform for resolving conflicts early on and fostering constructive dialogue.

By proactively addressing conflicts and promoting open communication, organisations can harness the transformative potential of conflict to cultivate a more collaborative and productive work environment.

Alignment Workshop

Conflict Management

People are often unaware of their role in workplace conflicts, yet their actions and behaviors can significantly contribute to these situations. Investing in professional conflict resolution coaching can yield substantial returns on investment, such as improved teamwork, higher productivity, and enhanced employee satisfaction.

At 3P Impact, we leverage the CINERGY Conflict Management model to empower individuals to gain insights into their conflicts and develop actionable solutions. Grounded in proven methodologies, the CINERGY model guides clients through a structured process of conflict resolution, leading to tangible results.

Through one-on-one coaching sessions, clients learn practical strategies for navigating conflicts, fostering open communication, and building stronger relationships in the workplace. 

Don't let unresolved conflicts hinder your team's performance - discover the transformative power of the CINERGY model with 3P Impact today.

Extended DISC Assessments

Individual assessments and 1-on-1 debriefs, helping individuals grow understanding of their inner selves and appreciation of how to build more effective relationships with others.